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What's the best way to transport my kayak?

It’s a common question and a particularly prudent one, as there aren’t many vehicles that will fit a kayak in the boot! 

Thule Ocean: Product Review

If you're interested in a Thule Ocean roof box, we've reviewed the range for you here... 

Thule Go Pack roof box bags

 So, you’ve worked out which roof box works best for you, now you want to make loading and unloading quick and easy right?

What size Thule roof box?

If you're looking at what size Thule roof to buy, then explore our examples and suggestions in this blog.

What is a roof rack?

We're going back to basics with our series of quick guides. If you've asked - what is a roof rack? - then the following should help you navigate your way from an understandable explanation to the best rack for you.

Three Thule boxes to suit all styles

We've pulled together three styles of boxes for your car - whether you're looking for something flexy, sleek or just want to go large. Explore our suggestions below. If there isn't a style for you, then have a browse of our 'Roof Boxes' section for more inspiration.

Three ways to work off those Easter eggs with pedal power

Easter brings tradition and fun. With it, however, comes lots of chocoate! So, if you're planning to overindulge, or if you've already done so, then here are three bike racks to help you pedal away the pounds. Explore more below.

Roof racks in focus: Thule WingBar Edge

To help you choose from our Thule roof racks, we thought we'd take a closer look at some of our range. Here, we're featuring the WingBar Edge.

Spring into 2018 with these car racks

With a hint of spring in the air and daffodil bulbs sprouting, get set for the outdoors with these car racks. The three we've chosen here will help you to get all sorts of active gear to your destination. 

Choosing your Thule car snow chains

It's the time of year when people are planning winter holidays skiing and snowboarding. So we've produced a handy guide of our online tools for use when choosing your Thule car snow chains, including a size guide and vehicle selector. This blog has been updated for Winter 2018, having been originally published in November 2016.

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